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Beyond The Pale by Gary Lucas vs The Dark Poets

The Independent

(Rated 8/10)

"His work with Jeff Buckley and Captain Beefheart probably makes Gary Lucas the worlds most popular avant-rock guitarist, though his solo work can lack focus. Here, his solo pieces mingle with tracks recorded with electronic composer James R Hunter, aka The Dark Poets, whose samplescapes, synth beds and vocal samples about things like military mind-control techniques recall the dark portents of Cabaret Voltaire. Highlights include a resonant cover of part of Popol Vuhs Aguirre, Wrath of God soundtrack; an exhilarating 'Judgement at Midnight' incorporating swirling National steel guitar phrases over a synth drone bed pockmarked with found-sound fragments; 'Breath of Bones', a delicate tangle of guitar tendrils; and 'Teds Theme', a lovely sequenced samba-shuffle burnished with glinting guitar. Solo showcases include the glistening Frippertronic-style guitar tones of 'Rosemarys Baby' and the almost electric-flamenco flurries of 'Rise Up To Be'."

Pick of the album: The Judgement at Midnight, Teds Theme, Aguirre, Rosemarys Baby.

~Andy Gill

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March Terrorizer Magazine

"When it comes to eclectic post-punk Gary Lucas Vs The Dark Poets knows where its at. Beyond The Pale, Released through Some Bizarre, is a collaboration between the Grammy nominated/one time Captain Beefheart guitarist and the British electronica outfit. The result flits between sounding like Tubeway Army remixed for the 21st century and Nick Cave playing acid-infused bluegrass."

Reviewed By Sam Rackman for the Darkside Round up - The Latest in Gothic, Industrial and EBM releases.


Review from Uncut Magazine

April 2008 - Gary Lucas Vs The Dark Poets - Beyond The Pale

"Ex-Beefheart/Jeff Buckley collaborator and Gods and Monsters stalwart Lucas has dabbled in soundtracks, and breakbeat outfit The Dark Poets are best known for scoring Cradle of Fear, so there is common ground between their approaches, its a fearful rush of sound, with Lucasí spidery guitar above the Poets' neurotic electronica, and the Grid's remix of 'The Judgement At Midnight' packs a punch!"

~Alastair McKay


Album Overview

Gary Lucas

Legendary leading experimental Guitar genius Gary Lucas (The late great Jeff Buckleys songwriting partner and guitarist - also highly acclaimed Grammy nominated recording artist and Axe-God for greats such as Lou Reed, Captain Beefheart, The Future Sound Of London, Chris Cornell, Iggy Pop, and Gods and Monsters (to name but a very few) - has recorded a cutting edge album with underground leftfield electronic pioneers 'The Dark Poets' be released in April 2008 on the legendary Some Bizzare record Label (Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Einsturzende Neaubauten, Foetus, The Grid, The The...etc).

The album features not only Gary's collaborations with The Dark Poets - but also a stunning techno remix by British Techno giants 'The Grid' (Dave Ball, Richard Norris) appears on the album as well as a number of Garys solo recordings - including the original template for 'Mojo Pin' (Revered from Jeff Buckleys 'Grace' Album).

The Forthcoming Enhanced CD includes visionary director 'Alex Chandon's stunning short film 'Borderline' (Music by 'The Dark Poets') - Winner of Saatchi award for best new director Cannes 2007. The film toured Internationally with festivals including Onedotzero and Rezfest and picked up numerous awards ( U.S./Europe/Australia/Middle East/Far East). 'Borderline' went on to be screened at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, and is currently being used to promote the London 2012 Olympics. 'Borderline' has been chosen for the British Film Institutes national archive.

'Beyond The Pale' features Gary Lucas' original guitar tracks from Jeff Buckley's 'Grace' the only complete studio album by Jeff Buckley, released in 1994 . The album is named after the title track, "Grace," co-written by Buckley and Gary Lucas. (Appearing in it's original instrumental form on 'Beyond The Pale') it received wide critical acclaim. It has now sold over 3 million copies worldwide. In 2006, Mojo Magazine named Grace the #1 Modern Rock Classic of all Time.

Enhanced CD is set for release and will feature CD Video of Alex Chandon's stunning short film 'Borderline'. Soundtrack by 'The Dark Poets'.

Gary Lucas, James R. Hunter, Sarah Hilliard

Gary Lucas, James R. Hunter, Sarah Hilliard

Photography by Maria Zajdler

Track Listing

1. Judgement at Midnight [From Dusk to Dawn Mix]
2. Prime Time
3. Breath of Bones - Gods & Monsters Inc., Gary Lucas
4. Diabolical Principle
5. Rosemarys Baby
6. Procuress from Karmelitska Street
7. And You Will [Live]
8. Real Horrorshow
9. Hugh's Graveyard Stomp Revisited
10. Rise Up to Be [Live]
11. Ted's Theme
12. Aguirre (Lacrime di Re)/The Sheep Look Up [Live]
13. Charm Offensive
14. Judgement at Midnight [Grid Remix]

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